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    Goldmine API examples for C#

    mawad.pss Rookie



      I'm working here on a new project to integrate Goldmine API with C# code to search in Goldmine database about a value (ex: Phone number) if it exists .


      I've Goldmine API documentation, but it doesn't include any examples for C# code ..


      If anybody has an idea or have been working on such project, please advise .


      Thanks a lot,

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          BLozin Apprentice

          If you are only looking up values in GoldMine I would use SQL queries to do this. Much faster then the API. If you need to write data back to the database then I would use the API.

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            BPayne Rookie

            I have successfully used the DDE and COM versions of GoldMine's API, but the XML version will only login and every other command crashes. The DDE and COM APIs also tie up the current GoldMine session and you cannot work in GoldMine while the program is running. Therefore, I am moving off of the APIs and writing code that uses Castell Computers' DLL and stored procedures to read/write the GoldMine data. It is a much easier and cleaner way to handle the data than using these old, clunky, unsupported APIs. After all, when I asked Heat Software about the problems I was having with the XML API, they told me I was on my own because they don't support it. I bought the CastellRecNoGen and accompanying stored procedures for $100 from the Castell Computers' website and it is well worth the money. You can find it listed in the Products page.

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