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    Move to the Cloud

    MRitte Apprentice

      This is a very high level question.  I was just contacted by my client and I don't have many details.


      Currently they run GMPE 2015.1 locally.  They also use GoldVision for document management and Inaport to bring in external data from their back office software.


      Their vendor for the back office software is requiring them to upgrade and move to the cloud.  I don't know the details about how or if we can continue to access that data and bring it into GoldMine using Inaport.  The client is trying to find that out.  But he is indicating that we may not be allowed direct access.


      They are also thinking of moving GoldMine to the Cloud.  I know that Inaport would have to be installed on the same server since it uses the GM API.  Not sure how or if GoldVision would work.


      What I want to know is has anyone accessed data from the Cloud and brought it into GoldMine?  Either with GoldMine on a local server or in the Cloud. 


      If any of this is possible I may need to get some assistance (billable of course).


      Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.  This is all new to me.

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          BJeffe Apprentice

          Mark you should talk to Doug Petrole at nGenex - (888)696-4369. Not sure but I think that is going to be complicated. Files have to be uploaded to the client's server using FTP. Then move them to the directory structure through the Partner Management Console.

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            They need to provide a way for the back office data to be accessible to Inaport - either by having the system export it in a format that Inaport can recognize.  if they provide a REST API for the back office service then see if Inaport can get the data via rest api request so it can still import to goldmine.