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    Output to Printer

    TPorte Apprentice

      I often do a quick search in the Contact Search Center and then use the Output to Printer option to run a report on the results of my search.  What would be great is a way to add a heading to this report on the fly, one time only.  Something like:


      Diamond Accounts


      Dallas Prospects


      Suppliers in California


      I know you can go into the Layout and change the standard report page header which is "Group Member".  But then that is a sticky setting.


      What I would like is an easy way to indicate on the printout what my search was about.


      Goldmine Premium 2015.2.0

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          DCastell Expert

          Have you tried adding a DIALOG FIELD in the layout of the Group Member report?

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            JJGearhart Apprentice

            If Doug's suggestion doesn't work, you could output to excel, add your title and print from there.

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              TPorte Apprentice

              The Dialog Field option appears to be grayed out in the sections of that report.  Good idea, thanks, Doug!

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                TPorte Apprentice

                Thanks, yes, I could do that.  Hadn't thought of that.  Of course, exporting to Excel brings over many more columns than the output to menu. 

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                  JJGearhart Apprentice

                  No, I don't mean export to. I mean using the same search and choosing output to Excel instead of output to printer. This should bring only the same columns that output to printer gives you.

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                    TPorte Apprentice


                    Sorry, I shouldn't have said export.  Output to printer gets me 3 columns.  Output to Excel renders 12 columns.  YMMV!  Thanks!

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                      John Neighbors Expert

                      Output to Printer actually does NOT include all the same columns.  It's really rather odd.  I first had 11 columns in my Contact Search Center, with Company, Contact and Phone1 being the first 3.  Output to Excel sends all 11 columns.  Output to Printer only sent Company, Contact and Phone1.


                      I then removed Contact and Phone1 from the display, so that my first 3 columns happened to be Company, City and State.  Guess what Output To Printer then sent?  Company, Contact and State


                      What?  Yep, completely overlooked City and included Contact anyway.


                      Goofy thing.  Upon additional testing, it looks like Output To Printer from within the Contact Search Center will ALWAYS include Company and Contact, and THEN whatever is your 3rd column in the Contact Search Center (regardless of what is the 2nd column).


                      Odd stuff!

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                        DCastell Expert

                        that's because output to printer uses a predefined report layout.  That's what the whole SYSTEM REPORTS area is all about.  They're not dynamically adjusted to account for additional columns or reordered columns or any of that.