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    GM and Display Names for SMTP email addresses

    mrcross Rookie


      A problem has arisen with outgoing SMTP addresses.

      If GM recognizes the email address as belonging to contact John Doe it puts it in the To line of the header in the form 'John Doe' <[email protected]> which is fine.

      If it cannot match the address to a contact it uses the form [email protected] <[email protected]> i.e. it uses the email address as the display name and then inserts a space and the email address in angle brackets.  Note that in this case the Display Name does NOT have quotes round it.


      This is not compliant with standards which require the display name to be enclosed by double quotes because it contains a special character (the @ symbol). However it dos not cause a problem in sending the mail via my SMPT host


      I've been using GM for many years without any problem on this score but now I have one particular contact getting failures if he tries "reply all" in his own e-mail client (I'm waiting an answer on what client he uses).


      What happens with the address example above is that his client mangles the address so it becomes

      [email protected] <gmail.com [email protected]

      (note the spaces after the first @ symbol and between gmail.com and john. Of course this fails to send because of these spaces and if it were sent would in any case still be wrong.


      Anyone else come across this issue, and if so is there a resolution?



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          mrcross Rookie

          Ignore the mail envelope symbols that have been auto-inserted in my question above, nothing to do with me, they weren't in what I posted.



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            John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup



            Not sure if this feedback will help or not?!?!?


            I just tested your scenario with GM PE 2015.2 Hotfix 2 and did NOT experience what you describe.  That is, it did NOT use the email address as the "display name" without quotes.  Rather, it left off any "display name" altogether and simply had the email address within the <> symbols.


            I even "received" the email on a non-GM email system and viewed the header info behind the scenes and it did NOT exhibit any "display name" or ill formatting whatsoever.


            So, if GM is truly the "culprit" in your situation, then it may be because of version and an upgrade to a newer version might prove one solution.


            Just thought I would test and share. Hope this feedback helps.

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              KSimps Apprentice



              Unfortunately John is correct.  The only solution is to upgrade GoldMine.  I fought this problem at a couple of clients and the problem went away when we upgraded.  Based on the testing I performed, it appeared to start happening when the newer versions of Exchange were released.  Everything worked fine with Exchange 2003 and the problems started appearing with Exchange 2007 and later.  I did not do any extensive testing to determined which end caused the problem, just that it was resolved with a newer version of GoldMine.


              I hope this helps.

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                mrcross Rookie

                Many thanks both of you, it all makes sense.