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    Trying to create a dashboard summarizing open and closed opportunities

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      Hi all,

      I am currently trying to create a dashboard providing me with an overview on all opportunities and their associated forecasted sales in order to extract information about win/loose ratios, reasons why we lost, time it takes to close a deal etc. A specialty we may have is, that each opportunity typically has several forecasted sales with it as typically there are different services involved and offered to the customer which may or may not be ordered at different times. What I am currently trying is to summarize all opportunites (open, closed=won or lost ones) by the different business areas (here we use the opportunity cycle field) and to get aggregated information about the reasons (entered into the reasons field when wrapping up a closed opportunity). Unfortunately I seem to be unable to find the data base field which contains this reason information so I will very much appreciate if someone can help me with that.

      Thanks in advance,