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    Goldmine Web Dear Field Issue

    TPorte Apprentice

      On Goldmine Web record views, our contact's first name is repeating.  Example: Tom Tom Smith


      The reason for this is that Goldmine is displaying the Dear Field before the First Name and Last Name.


      Because our Dear field is auto populated with the Contact First Name for merge letter purposes, you get the double display.


      Please give us the option to not show the Dear Field in the record header on Goldmine Web or roll back this change!  I attended a Goldmine webinar this month where the vendor had the same issue and it just looked ridiculous!

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          I concur wholeheartedly with an option to NOT display the Dear field in this manner.  Yes, have it available for editing, but don't put it in front of the Contact name.  In 18+ years of working with and supporting GoldMine, I can probably count on one hand how many GM installs I've seen that use the Dear field for Mr., Ms, etc. salutations like the out of the box F2 Lookups suggest.  Most use it just like you do, Terry.


          Good suggestion!

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            Yes, This is caused by syncing OutLook contact to GoldMine.

            We are seeing this with many clients now.  Heat support knows of this issue and has a KB article on how to correct it in the future.

            Just at The Marks Group has figured out to identify what records are effected and we are working on how to fix the contact field if you don't have a good backup to get the contact field from.

            The KB article is # 14480.

            Remember to change the sync to be one way from GoldMine to Outlook to stop this kind of thing.

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              TPorte Apprentice

              This isn't caused by syncing to Outlook for us, we have never used Outlook.  We only use Goldmine's email client. 

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                John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                There's some confusion here.  This is not an issue with synching with Outlook.  Rather, this purely has to do with GM Web displaying the Dear field online BEFORE the Contact field. 


                Most clients we've supported through the years use the Dear field to hold whatever SOLE item they want to use as the Salutation with correspondence, such as "Dear John" or "Dear Mr. Neighbors."  Therefore, the Dear field will generally hold that type of item that can stand alone (e.g. John or Mr. Neighbors). 


                Since the default lookup values for the Dear field are things like Mr., Ms, Dr., etc., most clients we've supported immediately change those lookup values.


                This means GM Web shows "John John Neighbors" or "Mr. Neighbors John Neighbors", depending on the value in the Dear field.


                The makers of GoldMine presume that field will have, for example, Mr., so it would read Mr. John Neighbors in GM Web, but I would say that type of usage is the GROSS exception (in my 18+ years of experience with GM) and NOT the norm.  Therefore, having GM Web display the Dear field before the Contact field quite simply does NOT make sense.


                This is the issue being reported by Terry Porter in her original post, and has nothing to do with synching with Outlook.  Hope this feedback helps clarify.

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                  sorry for misunderstanding.

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                    JErste Specialist

                    If you do not have too many Word Merge/E-mail templates using the Dear field, you can create a new user-defined field and copy the contents of the Dear field into it.  Then, you can clear out the contents of the Dear field and the display in GoldMine Web will return to normal. This can be cumbersome if you have a lot of templates though.  An option of some kind would be useful.

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                      if you use the userdefine field then you could use the lookup ini to populate with the first word of the contact field.

                      IE sample: (thanks to DJ)


                      NewRecord=uDear, Lastname



                      [LastName] // updates lastname correctly with out the jr,sr, etc.

                         Lookup1 = iif("," $ Contact, "A", "Z")

                         Lookup2 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == "JR" .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == "JR."), "B", "Z")

                         Lookup3 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == "SR" .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == "SR."), "B", "Z")

                         Lookup4 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == "II" .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == "III"), "B", "Z")

                         Lookup5 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == "ESQ" .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == "ESQ."), "B", "Z")

                         Lookup6 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == "CPA" .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == "CPA"), "B", "Z")

                         Lookup7 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == "PHD" .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == "PHD"), "B", "Z")

                         A = &alltrim(substr(Contact1->Contact, rat(" ", substr(Contact1->Contact, 1, rat(",", trim(Contact1->Contact))-1))+1, rat(",", trim(Contact1->Contact)) - rat(" ", substr(Contact1->Contact, 1, rat(",", trim(Contact1->Contact))))-1))

                         B = &alltrim(substr(Contact1->Contact, rat(" ", substr(Contact1->Contact, 1, rat(" ", trim(Contact1->Contact))-1))+1, rat(" ", trim(Contact1->Contact)) - rat(" ", substr(Contact1->Contact, 1, rat(" ", trim(Contact1->Contact))-1))))

                        Otherwise = &LastName

                        Overwrite = 1


                      [uDear] // places the first name in the udear field - strips the mr, mrs, etc. from contact name

                         Lookup1 = iif((upper(substr(contact, 1, 3)) == "MR " .or. upper(substr(contact, 1, 3)) == "MR."), "A", "Z")

                         Lookup2 = iif((upper(substr(contact, 1, 3)) == "DR " .or. upper(substr(contact, 1, 3)) == "DR."), "A", "Z")

                         Lookup3 = iif((upper(substr(contact, 1, 4)) == "MRS " .or. upper(substr(contact, 1, 4)) == "MRS."), "A", "Z")

                         Lookup4 = iif((upper(substr(contact, 1, 3)) == "MS " .or. upper(substr(contact, 1, 3)) == "MS."), "A", "Z")

                         Lookup5 = iif((upper(substr(contact, 1, 3)) == "MR " .or. upper(substr(contact, 1, 3)) == "MR."), "A", "Z")

                         Lookup6 = iif((upper(substr(contact, 1, 5)) == "MISS " .or. upper(substr(contact, 1, 5)) == "MISS."), "A", "Z")

                         A=&alltrim(substr(contact1->contact, at(" ", contact1->contact)+1, at(" ", substr(contact1->contact, at(" ", contact1->contact)+1, 39-at(" ", contact1->contact)) ) ) )


                         Overwrite = 1

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                        John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                        I hear ya and appreciate all the suggestions.  Quite frankly, it's a whole lot of work just to get around the fact that GoldMine Web displays in a silly manner (contrary to how most people use the Dear field); especially when many folks have been using it this "other" way for decades (in some cases) 


                        In our case, we can just live with the silly display, but for the sake of any clients that use GM Web, I'd like to see the developers make Web a little "smarter" and not necessarily display that way or at least provide a simple, configurable option.  In my opinion, there's simply a disjoint between how this field is used in reality and how it's perceived to be used by the developers (again, in most cases, there are clearly exceptions where it is used as the developers perceive it to be used).


                        Again, appreciate the suggestions...

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                          BJeffe Apprentice

                          I agree with John and Terry on this and would like to see GoldMine Web changed to reflect customer preferred use.

                          For nearly two decades I have used the Dear field to capture the Contacts First Name and my clients do the same.



                          Depending on the number of Letter Merge Templates you have it might be to much work - but have you considered editing your templates to use the &FirstName macro instead of &Dear -  and then clear out the Dear field in GoldMine?

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                            TPorte Apprentice



                            Good point, we are going to change the templates and clear the Dear field if Goldmine isn't going to change the behavior of Goldmine [email protected]