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    Links Tab for Incoming Email Docs, not Outgoing?

    TPorte Apprentice

      Am I correct that the links tab is the place you will find incoming email documents, and not outgoing?  So if I email a document to someone with an attachment, it won't be linked in the links tab of that contact record unless :


      A) I use the documents tab to create a document and link it that way

      B) I manually link an existing document



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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup



          You will only find incoming email attachments on the Links tab IF the following box (within the Retrieval tab of email settings) is checked (I show it highlighted, but unchecked below):


          While this box is checked by default (with a new GM installation) we most often recommend folks UNCHECK this box.  Over the years, we find most people are frustrated by the fact that checking this box ends up with LOTS of undesired files linked via the Links tab, as doing so includes email signature files, graphics, background images from emails, etc., far more than what you and I would considered a typical email "attachment".


          We generally recommend, if you want something on the Links tab, deliberately put it there (such as your item B in your A/B list above).


          Hope this feedback helps. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

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            JErste Specialist

            I agree with JNeighbors.  I go so far as making this a global setting by adding the following lines to the GM.INI:




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