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    Phone System Integration

    MRitte Apprentice

      I have not looked at this in a long long time. 


      Are there any options still out there to integrate phones with GoldMine.  Specifically to do a screen pop when a call comes in.  This would be for a company with a phone system and not a single user.

      They are running the latest version of GMPE.

      I am not sure which phone system they have yet.

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          SStoec Apprentice

          Papillon TAPI link is still out there.

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            3cubed Apprentice

            Hi Mark,


            We have used CyDesk by CyTrack many times and it works well.  Last install was only about a month ago.

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              mrcross Rookie

              We've done it in the past but screen pop on incoming needs very careful thought. Often the user may be in the middle of something else when the call comes in, even actually typing at the keyboard so there could be unintended consequences. Also frequently a number of phones ring for incoming calls so everyone's work gets interrupted but only one person gets the call. We found that being able to dial from the screen was the more useful feature because it was quicker and more accurate. I've been out of telephony for 3 years now but one of the problems with TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) was that it was not implemented fully or in the same way by different hardware manufacturers. That may have changed but I suspect not.

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                Hey Mark,


                We have used https://gointegrator.com/ from broadsoft in combination with GoldMine, our IP phones and Smartphones (all connected) for several customers with success. Easy to use, quick and cross platform. Works for most CRM systems as also Outlook, browsers etc.

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                  mem5449 Rookie

                  Screen pop is certainly a tricky task when it is so dependent on the capabilities of the phone system AND how incoming telephone numbers get fed to GM when calls come in. Callers can be calling from their cell phones, office/work line(s) or even a home land-line. All of which would need to be in GM (contact record) to deliver an accurate screen pop.


                  I would say you've got a decent shot at integration IF the phone system [they have] has some available software tools beyond TAPI.  Personally, I think the premise based phone systems give a cleaner integration than the hosted systems (web based) because you can directly control the phone (make it dial hands-free, answer hands-free, etc.). My best success was with the Mitel 5000HX system (now called the MiVoice 250) and its accompanying compter-telephony tools.

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                    Doug Castell Expert

                    I've written a custom add-on for a number of different customers using various different phone systems. 


                    The main thing I find to be useful is if the phone system has a windows app on the computer that can launch a custom EXE and pass command line parameters.  I've leveraged that ability a number of times to have the system pass the phone number of the incoming caller to my own application which can then search all of GoldMine's phone fields for a match and bring up the contact (or prompt the user for what to do) and then, if desired, have goldmine bring up a complete-a-call dialog box. 


                    In one case I had a customer even request that I provide the ability to pre-populate the call dialog reference and notes fields with custom text.  For that customer, I gave them a simple way to create .TXT files with the desired text and pass the name of the file as a command line option as well. 


                    So, I guess what I'm saying is that it's possible, but it's generally going to be a custom development situation.  That being said, I've traversed the ground a number of times and could potentially, offer the client a custom solution that ends up being cheaper and more in-line with their needs than an off-the-shelf option like TAPILink. 

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                      AErmol Rookie

                      Hi, I used to build only a PoC for GMPE screenpop based on ESTOS ProCall solution + custom-written middleware that makes use of GMXML API.

                      ESTOS integrates with almost any PBX exposing TAPI or CSTA (Alcatel, Siemens, Avaya, many others). We use ESTOS client to trigger our custom-built app.


                      Here's a pretty detailed information: Custom CTI Connector  incl. demo video.

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                        We use Mitel 5000 series together with Xarios software, which does exactly what you want - i.e. screen pop and Call History update to show who took call

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                          MBerry1 Rookie

                          I've written a program for integrating GoldMine with 3CX, a Windows-based PBX. There are lots of options on how to handle inbound and outbound calls, whether to pop in the current window or a new window (to address mrcross's very valid concern about interrupting the user), whether to search while the call is ringing or after it's answered (to address the ring group concern), whether and when to create history items, even whether to create a link in history to the call's recording, if you've enabled that. There is more info with a short video here.

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                            ADiaz Apprentice

                            GoIntegrators website says that only users with MASTER rights can use the dial feature, that seems a bit limiting no?

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                              FRoven Rookie

                              I wondered if any of the above mentioned software can save text messages.  There was just a MA court decision that a text message can form a binding contract.

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                                MBerry1 Rookie


                                That's interesting news about the court decision.


                                Some VoIP providers will pass text messages via SIP, and I believe some SIP phones will display them, but my impression is that this is not broadly implemented.


                                What I have seen from several providers is the option to receive texts as email. Probably the simplest way to get text messages into GoldMine would be to turn on text-to-email, then capture the email in GoldMine.


                                Mark Berry
                                MCB Systems

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                                  FRoven Rookie

                                  Thanks Mark.  I will check that out.  We have a disclaimer in our email.  Can you imagine a 100 word disclaimer in a text!

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                                    ADiaz Apprentice

                                    Hi Fred!  Have you looked at GoldSMS?  Texts in and out of GoldSMS are stored in GoldMine History and the interface loads the threads similar to a cell phone so you can see the back and forth dialog easier.

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