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    Monitoring a Service?


      Can you?


      I am 'playing' with the Server Monitoring components at the moment. I have only ever used the client bits up to now.


      I have a server with a few critial services and wondered if you can monitor it?

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          Yes, you can alert on services.  Are you on 8.7 or 8.8, because the way they set up alerting is very different.

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            Version 8.8

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              OK, I'm assuming you know the basics of creating/tweaking alerts.  go create a ruleset (or modify the one you want to add the alert to).  Click Alerts on the left to add a new alert.  In the pane just to the right of that you should see Service Monitors.  Choose to create a new alert.  Name the alert whatever you want to call it and choose a polling frequency (shorter = more load on server, longer = less response time from when a service stops to an alert getting triggered).  Click Services on the left and choose the services you want to monitor.  Note that if you select a service that doesn't exist on a device this rule gets deployed to it will flag it as being off, so you will get false positives.  Only select services that you know exist for whatever device will have this ruleset.  Once the services are selected click OK.  Next choose Add from the right hand pane and create the alert with the appropriate actions (e-mail, run task, etc.) like you normally would.


              Lemme know if that makes any sense.

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                Took me ages to come back to this.. Thanks.. Worked like a charm.

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                  Glad to hear it worked!