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    Goldmine User Near Rhode Island?

    NCento Rookie

      We installed Goldmine in late 2015 however have had some trouble getting started with it. I am hoping to find a company in Rhode Island that uses the system or a local user who can help us with some questions. Anyone on this forum who can help?



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          DHunt Specialist

          I am from Fitchburg MA, and as with any Partner, I can connect to your office Remotely or via E-mail to answer any and all questions.


          As for something that may help you for Free, FrontRange has purchase my book The Definitive Guide to GoldMine Premium as well as Iain Wicks GoldMine Premium Basic & Administrative Training Videos.  More importantly, they are offering those Free ( as I understand it ) on their Website.




          Who was your GoldMine Partner as they would be your best resource.
          I hope that this helps you out.

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            JO'Bri Rookie

            I am in Rhode Island.  We have used Goldmine for several years.  Our partner/reseller is not far in Massachusetts.  He is VERY helpful.  Or if you just have a few basic questions I may be able to help.  The recommendation above regarding the training videos on the Goldmine site is spot on.  They are short and to the point of the subject matter.  GoldMine Training Center

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              TPorte Apprentice

              Link to the website?  iwicks.com appears to have gone back to domain registration.

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                NCento Rookie

                Hi Jeanne - Thank you for your response. Would it be possible to speak with you on the phone or set up a face-to-face meeting? Unfortunately the trainings have not been too helpful because we are still at the beginning stages of customization and really wanted to talk to someone local with some insight.