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    "Documents" location? Able to edit html of emails in a search and replace? Use dreamweaver?

    jrundle@washingtonenergy.com Rookie

      I am in marketing. Our sales reps use goldmine, obviously, to follow up with customers. I am tasked with writing the emails and designing the templates. There are hundreds of emails across many different users - and no good way (that I know of) to edit all of them easily.


      Ideally, I would like to add a server location (or local location, whatever) to my Adobe Dreamweaver and treat all of these emails like a website's file structure. That way I could see all of the emails in one place, find and replace as needed and save them. This would provide fantastic flexibility for our messaging and give me a much needed boost to my productivity when trying to work on these emails. Let's say I notice a typo that needs to be changed - well, I'd like to do that in 30 seconds with a find a replace rather than opening each user's documents and changing it, saving it and moving on  to the next user - that could take me hours.


      As I said, right now, I have to move from user to user and right click and edit each one in the code within goldmine. These are simple HTML templates, so there must be a way to  manage them in an easier fashion. Right?


      Thanks for your time and help!