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    GoldMine Web 2016.1

    dscycler Rookie

      After installing the update to 2016.1 I can access the login page at http://server/goldmine via firefox. When I enter credentials and click login this appears: "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request."

      Internet Explorer says: "The website cannot display the page"


      What should I look for on the server to make GoldMine Web function again. I have run the installer Repair process to no avail.



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          LHurse Apprentice

          David, if you haven't tried it already, perform an IIS reset.  If it's still a problem after that, try clearing browser history.


          Hope that helps.

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            Jason.Karoub SupportEmployee

            Generally the URL to use for GMWeb is http://server/GoldMine/Web - using http://server/GoldMine is for GoldMine mobile that is not used often and requires a separate license.  the URL with /Web is the one for GMWeb and is the product bundled with GoldMine Premium Edition.


            If restarting IIS as suggested above try also to use the 'local system' account for the GMMobile Application Pool in the IIS manager.  If both of those fail, please:

            1) Login to our Support Portal at:

            HEAT Service Management

            1) Generate the error again and note the exact date/time to the nearest minute.

            2) Follow Knowledge Article 20382 - How to gather GoldMine Connect Log files.

            3) Consider following the articles below but after looking at the contents of the main log (GMConnect.log)for errors or exceptions.  If you find any errors or exceptions some common causes and resolutions may be the following Knowledge Articles:

            18741 - When attempting to access GoldMine Web, page shows: "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request."  GMConnect log: "Error, failed to get GoldMine mobile's configuration's path., System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Cannot find .ini file by G:\Apps\GoldMine\gm.ini" whereby G: is a mapped drive

            22357 - GoldMine Web (GMWEB) - Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. or IIS error: Server Error in '/GoldMine' Application. - Error, failed to get DB environment value. when browsing to the GoldMine Web page

            18331 - GoldMine Mobile (GMME) - User not able to log into GMME and receives a message Sorry an error occurred while processing your request - GMConnect.Log entry: The mobile license is invalid, please contact your administrator for authorization to use GoldMine Mobile Edition.


            4) If all of the above fail please consider opening an incident by either calling the GoldMine Support Desk at 1.800.755.2100 or opening an incident in the above Support Portal that you logged in to.  Being able to provide the information in steps 1 and 2 above will help us provide information on a resolution.

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              dscycler Rookie

              Thank you Jason! So simple. My issue was the url!

              David Schomaker

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                Jason.Karoub SupportEmployee

                FANTASTIC!!! I will take an easy one any time....

                This also means you have done a good job in deploying the product as well

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                  dscycler Rookie

                  Also users needed to clear their browser cache.