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    Storing e-mail tracking data

    dexterb Apprentice

      I have an integration product similar to the GoldMine ConstantContact integration (this is with MailChimp) and I would like to get some community feedback as far as the preferred location for data like user clicks, forwards, opens for each campaign.  Should it be a history or details record?  And how long would you typically keep those type of records (i.e. keep only campaign stats in the last 12 months)?





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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          My quick 2 cents:


          Details or History?  Make it a configurable option, so that the local GoldMine administrator can decide.  Otherwise, my vote would be in Details.


          How long?  Indefinitely.  If they ever want to delete "old" records, let them do it independent of you integration tool.


          Again, just my quick 2 cents worth. :-)  Hope this feedback helps.

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            ADiaz Apprentice

            If I can only choose 1, I would say History.  Then it works like like the built-in Constant Contact integration.  However, I would agree with John that a configurable option would be best as Details works like Intelliclick.

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              Doug Castell Expert

              I'd say history -- because when someone clicks or reads or whatever, it is an actual event that happens at some particular time/date, so it belongs with everything else in history, IMO. 


              If it were some perpetual situation, like owning an insurance policy or license or something, it might be best recorded under details, but that's not the case. 

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                TPorte Apprentice

                As a Goldmine Administrator, we don't bring in the sents, opens and clicks from Constant Contact into Goldmine history because it would bring in a lot of extra info.  Our history is full enough already.  Send an email blast to 5000 people and it would really clog things up.  I would prefer it in a separate tab.  I would also say an option of how long to keep it would be helpful. 

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                  dexterb Apprentice

                  Thanks for the feedback John!

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                    dexterb Apprentice

                    the challenge is that it would really flood the history data since there will be clicks, opens, forwards, unsubscribe, type of events added per campaign and there could be multiple instances for each event as well.


                    Thanks Doug for the feedback!

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                      dexterb Apprentice

                      I am also thinking of having a new table created in the Goldmine database where all these info will be stored and then just have a custom window that can let users view campaign data against the active record.  Users can then still create reports (ie. crystal reports) against that new table and still link it to the contact data in GoldMine.


                      Would this option work for you?


                      Thanks for the feedback Terry!

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                        IntelliClcik does all this for you, check it out.

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                          dexterb Apprentice

                          They seem to store it as Details which is one of the options mentioned by a few folks and it seems like a good option given that it can have its own tab.  The campaign data will be coming from MailChimp which provides similar campaign data tracked by IntelliClick and ConstantContact so it would work pretty well as details.


                          Thanks for the feedback!

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                            TPorte Apprentice

                            That option would work if I used Mail Chimp, Dexter.  I like the campaign data separate from history activities.

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                              ADiaz Apprentice

                              With the Constant Contact integration I teach my customers how to run SQL Queries and create group to follow-up.  Query to find bounces and unsubscribes to clean them up.  And how they can land on a customer's History record and see their behavior prior to calling.  I think a separate table might negate all/some that functionality, no? 


                              Either way, I would also recommend including a Dashboard. 

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                                JDymon Apprentice

                                I 100% agree, History is not the best place to put all this tracked data. It just clogs up the history tab and customers will get frustrated. Yes you could filter out what you want to see and set restrictions, but ideally, I like email campaign results in the Details tab, this way you can create your own custom tab for all the campaign results. Just like IntelliClick does it.

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                                  DHunt Specialist

                                  Okay Dexter this is my opinion:




                                  If it is truly just Data then store the information in a separate SQL Table in the GoldMine Database, and use a Dashboard to display the Data.

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                                    dexterb Apprentice

                                    I haven't used the dashboard much.  Can you set data displayed on the dashboard based on the active contact record?  I mean, I can build the query for the data source for the dashboard but is there a way to grab the current contact record data (sort of DDE)?


                                    Thanks DJ!

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