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    Goldmine Web and Mapped Drives

    TPorte Apprentice

      Goldmine Web does not work with mapped drives.  I get that.  I know how to fix this on the incoming message end.


      But here is a scenario:

      User sends an email from Goldmine Premium and attaches a letter that is stored on a mapped drive on our network.

      User tries to access that email from Goldmine Web a couple of days later, and while it shows an attachment if he clicks on it he gets the "something is wrong" message.


      I can  use a SQL statement to change that attachment from a mapped drive to a UNC drive.  This will work.


      User sends another email the next day with another attachment from our network and can't see it.


      Why can't Goldmine Web support mapped drives at least on outgoing email message attachments?

      Am I going to have to set up some kind of a regular SQL job to fix this so users can view attachments they sent?