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    Export Sales History tab from Dinosaur Goldmine 5.5

    cwoodogi Rookie

      Hello all,


      Our company is using 5.5 as it serves every purpose we need... except one I have discovered I need.


      We have a list of about 700 customers, and in the history tab you can see completed sales from various users such as:



      JOHN     Sale     £50 - Printer Cartridge

      JOHN     Sale     £160 - Engineer





      Now I can right click this and hit Output to Excel and it does exactly what I want - separates the fields and gives me a date, user, value and product - perfect!


      The only trouble is, this is one of over 700 customers.. I want this information extracted for all customers.


      I've tried using the Import/Export wizard, but ran into another problem, of all the fields available to extract, there is none that allows me to extract the whole history tab, just the most recent addition "PrevResult"


      This is along the lines of what I need, but at showing me only the most recent sale per customer isn't exactly good enough.


      Any ideas? Help is very much appreciated. Thank you.


      - Chris