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    Check for HD failure


      Can anyone think of a way to check for HD failure on machines that are using RAID 1 drives managed by Intel Matrix Storage Manager? I'm thinking there would have to be a way to check the event log for a failure and then report it up to the core in the inventory scan.

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          egarlepp Employee

          Does the utility support exporting of reports or data out?  If so, you can have the data formatted and populated in the registry and the have the LDAPPL file look for it to pull into the registry.  You coudl also use LDMS_Client to pull in data from the registry.


          I believe LD sells a management add-in that can monitor for things like this as well, but it is a added cost.  You can also look at Managed Planet and the Event Log monitor tool included in the executive report pack - http://managedplanet.com.  But again it is an added cost.

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            zman Master

            If the drives are SMART than you could very easilty script one of the numerous freeware SMART utilities. Hardware vendors may also expose this information via alerts (HP CMI interface via WMI). Or if you have some extra coin http://www.landesk.com/SolutionServices/product.aspx?id=758

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              I'm not entirely opposed to added cost, but I think both the Managed Planet and Landesk solutions are generally incompatible with the Management Gateway, which is this massive constraint that we have on our environment.


              I'll look into the SMART monitoring and external logging, although I suspect the utility only outputs to the event log. Fortunately, Vista has a lot of features built into that app now.

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                zman Master

                You could use WMI/AutoitScript to query SMART drives and write status to the inventory. There are numerous scripts. Or be totally lazy and ask Coates to put it in ldms_client

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                  My reaction to that item went something like this: "This is &*$*ing awesome!"


                  I'll have to look more into what would be necessary to get it to the point Jack could add it.

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                    ldms_client is gateway compatible, generally speaking (meaning that I expect it to work ).


                    If someone can mail me a bit of vb or something demonstrating what you want, I can take it the rest of the way. The important part is to see what WMI node and how to query it (for instance, some things want you to recurse multiple objects but others are flat lists)...

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                      Well, after some digging on the one computer where I've actually had an HD failure, I'm not coming up with a lot in the event logs. What I'm mainly concerned if the RAID1 array is degraded, for any reason. Unfortunately, all there is in the log is stuff from IAANTmon. This would be useful, except the entry at the time of the failure is classed as Information, and the indication there's something wrong is in the details, where it lists one of the two hard drives as missing! This is the same event that comes up whenever the computer is booted, so that's kind of a no-go.


                      I guess I could parse this with some kind of script (I do something similar on my servers), but that's pretty kludgy and could require me to install a scripting interpreter on all of my workstations. Blech.


                      I don't think there were any other indications in the event log that the drive had failed.

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                        Ah, yes....


                        cruddy vendor-specific logging interfaces... even if you figure this one out, it'll be useless next week when someone buys a new type of RAID card

                        the horrific windows event log (which, typically enough, gets even worse in Vista and Windows 7)

                        the lack of a decent built-in scripting environment... visual basic or else!


                        this is all very familiar to me.


                        Active State deployment kit licenses are pretty inexpensive, and AutoIT is free. But telling your users "too bad" is priceless.

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                          Well, no one's going to buy a new card, thankfully; this one's on board on the brand new desktops. But it's still going to be a PITA to figure out. I've posted a question on the Intel community. We'll see what comes of it.


                          As a side note, Landesk really needs to let us award helpful points to more than one post in a thread...

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                            Cropper-1-06-03-2009-08-10-34 AM.Png

                            ZMan found a WMI interface, and even gave me Perl to use it with -- so, ldms_client 2.5.0 will have this capability. It's already working on my own system and committed to source. Of course, I can't do anything about SMART accuracy.

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                              You guys are completely awesome. I hear you about the SMART failure accurace, but hey, something is better than nothing!