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    How to create API in Asp.net (C#) with Goldmine?

    ALahir Rookie

      I want to create an API in Asp.net and C# to connect to Goldmine for selecting and inserting records in the Goldmine database.

      We have tried with GMCOMAPI and GMXMLAPI .dll files however, but it wasn’t successful. We are getting an error message that shows "Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {270BA898-891F-4EE6-B61F-F9BC1F3D3031} failed due to the following error: 80070005 Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))". Can anyone help?

      The Goldmine Customer ID is:- 510487 and Serial Number is:- Deleted by admin PRP.

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          eswaa06 Rookie

          can anyone help with the sample working code for C# and goldmine ?

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            maxtyack Apprentice

            The problem may not be the C# code. With an ASP.NET web application using the GoldMine API, here are a few things to check, mostly setup and permission issues:


            Make sure you have GoldMine client installed on your IIS machine and verify you can open and successfully login to GoldMine on that machine. If you can't successfully run the regular GoldMine client on your IIS box as a user, chances are you won't get too far with the API either.


            Make sure you are running the ApplicationPool using an account that has read/write access to the GoldMine Sysdir folder. So that means DON'T use a mapped drive for the Sysdir value passed to the API. Use either local drive if IIS and GoldMine are on the same server, or use UNC path for Sysdir value if GoldMine and IIS are on different servers. If IIS and GoldMine are on different servers, use a domain user account for your Application Pool user, and give that user read/write rights to GoldMine folder (on local IIS and GoldMine share).


            By the way, this can make debugging from Visual Studio difficult since I'm not sure how much control you have over the AppPool when running in debug mode while developing. I tend to deploy to an IIS server each time I want to compile and test.


            You may want to read-up on, install, and configure GoldMine Web if you can. Going thru their setup guide will help you understand the architecture and requirements of using an ASP.Net app with the GoldMine API. Because that is just what GoldMine Web is.


            Good luck!

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              JDymon Apprentice

              Please do not share your clients GoldMine license in the FORUMS!!!!!

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                DCastell Expert

                You might be interested to check out my SQL-based product, CastellRecNoGen, which provides SQL functions and stored procedures suitable for inserting/updating/etc. GoldMine records.  It might allow you to bypass the need to utilize the core API and simplify matters for you: