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    Goldmine 5.5 system requirements and replacement options?

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      New to the community and the product.  I am working with a customer as a consultant.  They have not updated any of their hardware and/or software in many years, but have now grown enough to allocate some limited funds to updating their technological needs.


      We are working with them to replace several older desktops running Windows XP and eventually a Windows 2008 Server.  They are currently using Goldmine 5.5 and have some critical data within the application that they will need to be able to access.  They are not tied to the Goldmine platform, however they do like the interface, mostly because they have worked with it for so long and are comfortable with it.


      I am wondering if anyone knows if Goldmine 5.5 would run on newer versions of Windows (i.e. 7, 8 or 10) and if so, which if any would be best.  I assume that hardware-wise any current PC will exceed the system requirements for 5.5 - but please let me know if this is incorrect and/or what the specific system requirements are for that version.  They do not appear to be published online anywhere and I am having some difficulty getting a solid answer.  Does anyone have success stories about running 5.5 on newer versions of Windows and/or warnings, caveats, etc to look out for?


      They will eventually be looking to replace it and I'd also like to hear if anyone feels strongly about a solid replacement option.  The Goldmine Cloud and Own It versions have been considered.  Our client has looked into pricing and stated it would be $15k+ for her 5 User office - which seems contradictory to the pricing I found online, but perhaps after the setup and "additional options" are considered this IS indeed accurate.  We have a team of developers who has created a web-based application that can and has been adapted to fit many needs, including CRM and I am confident that we could deliver a custom solution that fits their needs for similar cost, but also looking at other options to provide them with.  Are there other products that people have found as a good replacement option?


      Thank you in advance for any assistance!