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    Contact History Notes in the Dashboard


      Is it possible to display the notes from a completed activity in the Dashboard?  When I select the CONTHIST(h).NOTES in the Data Source of a Dashboard Table, I am getting question marks instead of the the characters in the notes field.  I tried making some edits to the notes and can see that the number of question marks change so I know information is coming over to the dashboard.  I even removed the notes altogether from one and the field in the dashboard changed to blank, so I know it's pulling something.  Is there a formatting issue?

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          I would highly speculate that the dashboard has a problem with the IMAGE data type of the NOTES field in the CONTHIST table.


          My guess is that you would want to create a SQL VIEW that references the notes field but converts it to varchar.  I'm being very simplistic with my example below, but this could be used to make a VERY SIMPLE SQL VIEW that could then be LINKED to other tables, including CONTHIST for all the other fields, as you see fit.


            select conthist.accountno, cast(cast(conthist.notes as varbinar(max)) as varchar(max)) as 'Notes', conthist.recid from conthist


          Hope this feedback helps.

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            CDohme Apprentice

            Your advice so far is correct.  You'll have to create a manually typed query data source as follows:

            select cast( cast ( NOTES as varbinary(max) ) as varchar(max) ) as [notes] from {{owner}}CONTHIST where 1 = 1 <<recid>>


            Notes are displayed in a Web View and they are bound using "notes" as the Value field.


            You can dynamically link a Table View of your history records to the Web View of the notes by creating an Event on the Table View.  The parameters would be:


            Dashboard Part:  Table View nn

            Event:                  State changed

            List of Action:       Refresh a dashboard part based on user selection - Web View nn

            Data source:        Manually Typed (as defined above)

            Runtime parameter:  Recid

            Set Value:            Runtime (from part)  Table View nn    Field:  recid