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    SMS Carrier SQL field

    schorn Rookie

      I was messing around with the SMS function for a few contacts. I would like to delete the carrier info. This info is syncing over to google and to our cell phones. So the phone number synced looks like 999-999-9999xsprint. I would like to get rid of the xsprint. Does anyone know how to do this. Using the latest premium edition.

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          schorn Rookie

          I wanted to bring this back to the top to see if anyone knows this answer.

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            Doug Castell Expert

            there's no global way to accomplish it in GoldMine, itself.  You could, however, issue an SQL update statement directly in the database back-end.

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              PVanZy Rookie

              You should be able to get rid of that using Global Replace on the related Ext field.  I'm guessing your Ext field just says 'sprint', and not 'xsprint' and the sync takes, say the Phone1 field (for the number) and concatenates the Ext1 field, adding the 'x' if the Ext1 field is populated.


              So you can either do a Global Replace on the Ext field and wipe out all values, or first create a filter where Ext='sprint' and then do a Global Replace against that filter, where you select the Ext field and leave the 'With Value' box blank.  I'm not sure what method you are using to sync the data to Google, but this would at least make the field data change sync-aware from GoldMine's perspective, while doing the update in SQL directly would not.


              What I can't promise is what the result of the sync will be after the Global Replace, because it will be setting that field to 'empty' not to NULL, so it's possible that the 'x' will remain but the 'sprint' will disappear.  But this is how you would clear that data out in GoldMine.


              Note too, that if your phone data is in GoldMine's Phone3 field, the corresponding extension field is actually Ext4, not Ext3.  Why?  Ancient history, my friend.  Ext3 relates to Fax...

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                schorn Rookie

                Found ext4. Promptly removed. Thank you

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                  schorn Rookie

                  Doug .. I only had to remove this on three contacts so I really only needed to where it was stored so I could remove. I there were many records, I agree agree with you.