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    Bulk copy sql queries to other users

    GSmart Rookie

      Hi Does anyone know of a way to copy sql queries to multiple users in a sync aware way?


      Goldmine 2014.1.0.452

      SQL 2012


      Thank you for your  help

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          DHunt Specialist

          Not understanding Gordon.  Unless otherwise limited all UserIDs should have access to all SQL Queries in GoldMine even if Synchronizing.  I usually recommend that the corporate SQL Queries be placed under a single UserID, say MASTER, and that everyone use them from that UserID.


          Did I misunderstand your question?

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            John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

            Unfortunately, no, not in BULK, nor via the GM interface. (You can clearly do one at a time via the GM interface, but I presume you already know that, based on the wording of your question.)


            I do find that most people simply do as DJ suggest.  That is, have users running queries stored under other user's IDs (even if using special IDs setup just for organizing/storing queries).


            I've done what you're asking about directly via SQL itself before (outside of GoldMine).  While it's doable at that level, it's tedious and takes really knowing the GM database structures well AND being extremely careful to do things in a textbook way.  Making sure doing such in a sync aware manner also adds to the time investment and overhead.

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              GSmart Rookie

              Thanks for the answers


              Yes we have some queries in a central user however we have other queries that we would like to customise and put against individual sales rep users.


              Having all the queries under one user means the list is very long. We are creating template queries and then putting them in individuals with customisation for their region, etc. Means their own list doesn't appear too huge.

              We will just go through and amend, name and save in each user - doesn't take forever but wondered if there was a quicker way I was overlooking.

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                PJohns Apprentice

                I had a thought about this one. Why don't create the template queries in SQL as views and then get each user to query the view with the small differences. e.g [select * from vCustomView where region = 'A']

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                  JDymon Apprentice

                  Why not store all your SQL Queries in the Knowledge Base, create the different categories (Books) you need for the different SQL Queries you want and then you can just copy/paste them into the SQL Query window and run them when you need them. I find it this to be an easier way to manage the SQL Queries, they are all in 1 place, organized by user, category, and accessible by everyone, and searchable as well.

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                    paullaufer Apprentice

                    I've done this with GoldBox before. I have a client who needs every new user to have about 20 special filters. I would take a standard default user's filters, dump them to dBase, change the userid and do a strtran() on the filters themselves to change anything that needs changed, and push back to SQL giving them new recids on the way.


                    SQL queries would be done the same way as filters. Same table, etc.