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    GM+ using Meta tag to open SSRS report


      We use the GM+ view to run a meta script and pass a parameter to SQL Server Reporting services and return a SSRS report. I'm having trouble with a specific user not opening the SSRS report at all, nothing opens in the GM+ Meta Script we have used for years. Clients are Win10 and Remote Desktop Server is Win2012r2. What is weird that other users with the exact AD security permissions can open GM+ with the SSRS report and it works as expected. If I run the GoldMine client as Administrator under the user login and users GoldMine login it also works as expected. Does anyone have an idea on how I might debug or troubleshoot this?

      Thanks in Advance

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          Well I found why some of the GM+ scripts would not run after several days of frustration.  There is a "Allow Meta Refresh" setting in Internet Explorer/Options/ Security/Custom Settings that needs to be changed to Allow.  I had to allow on both the Internet and Intranet zones to get this to work with my GM+ view scripts, I guess my older users were set to allow by default and newer domain users are set to not allow by default.  I did not have to modify any of my working Meta scripts so all is good. I hope this helps someone else. This was a time burner.

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