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    DidJa know -- about these GoldMine Cloud Options

    paul.petersen SupportEmployee

      We introduced GoldMine Cloud over a year ago -- allows new  users to subscribe and get started using GoldMine features -- and existing users could transfer their license and files under the BYOL option to take advantage of enterprise class hosting power provided by the Google Compute Engine.


      so, many  get busy thinking about the CRM piece -- but there is more to GoldMine Cloud than just GoldMine -- and other SaaS solutions:


      * you can run other applications your business uses like Office365 and QUickBooks

      * one subscription for all your apps

      * give access to employees who are not GoldMine users


      We are updating our website to present cloud options -- and so i have attached the content we will post so you can get an early preview -- perhaps it gets you thinking about other ways to use GoldMine Cloud -- and of course i welcome your questions or comments.


      Paul Petersen

      General Manager