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    New GoldMine Web Site

    paul.petersen SupportEmployee

      Good Morning!


      I wanted to share with you the link to our new web site www.goldmine.com that we launched on Friday.


      Our goal was to simplify access to content, use new graphic ques for users, and build strong calls to actions to increase conversions. We also updated our SEO underpinnings and tools to track site activity.


      A couple of areas to check out:

      • On the home page, I present “Why Choose GoldMine” as a virtual sales call –
      • The product pages include easy to access content and different choices
      • The Own It page contrasts subscription with Buying it – and stresses the affordability aspect of our value prop
      • Im particularly proud of the Pricing page – it is salesy and presents detailed info in an easy to access format – specific without being too cluttered – and I like that it is a bit interactive
      • And the partners page uses a fun visual that stresses worldwide and showcases our partners


      I’d appreciate your comments --