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    Shrinking calendar


      Is there a way to shrink the goldmine calendar. I have to leave my goldmine using 1/4 of the screen  I would like to see the full week calendar. Is there a way to resize the calendar so it is visual rather than moving the screen up and down?





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          Doug Castell Expert

          You can go to tools|options|calendar and change the time increment to something larger (60 minute?) to fit more in the smaller space. 


          Don't underestimate the effectiveness of a second (or third?) monitor, though. 

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            Thanks Doug I went back to three monitors as two did not give me the layout i wanted.  I do have one problem and it is that goldmine opens and wraps either on one, two or three monitors at any time. Are you aware if Goldmine can be "frozen" to a specific size and will not change unless directed. GM seems to have a mind of its own


            Thanks, David

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              Doug Castell Expert

              If you have an nvidia graphics card, the nView software can help to enforce preferences as to which monitor/size/etc. your apps (including GoldMine) use.  That being said, I have been on an ATI setup for a while now and am not sure of the current state of nView...  Maybe someone else can speak to that?