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    Seeking a goldmine user - who wants extra income in the evenings or weekends.. to train me

    goldmine123 Rookie

      I just started using goldmine..

      I have not gone through formal training..  I am quite computer literate.

      I just added a large mailing list - about 7000 names to my goldmine database.

      I would like to learn how to send emails - like 100 to 200 a day.. and then keep track of the peopled I emailed already etc.. so that over the next few months, I would email to the entire list..

      Trying to find someone who can work with me remotely.. Help me set it up and get it going.

      I realize goldmine partners/vendors can do this.. but but I want to find a less expensive option.

      Ideally, I am seeking the person who probably is an experienced goldmine user and is seeking extra income in the evening or weekends..