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    Kiosk display of dashboards.

    drychlik Rookie

      I am looking to display a progression of dashboards on a TV monitor in my office. How do I publish the information to a kiosk?

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          Doug Castell Expert

          GoldMine hasn't got the functionality to cycle through dashboards without user intervention. 


          Also, given that Dashboards are a somewhat interactive medium (users actively select filtering criteria, options, etc.) it might be simplest to screenshot a handful of dashboards and then have a common tool like windows media player cycle though those screenshots in full-screen-mode. 


          Of course, those screenshots would be progressively out-of-date...

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            drychlik Rookie

            Thank you for the response, Doug. It's not the answer I hoped for, but at least I can stop searching for the impossible. I will need to look inito other options.

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              Doug Castell Expert

              Giving a bit more thought to this, you might be able to combine GoldMine's ability to record a keyboard/mouse macro with a stand-alone scripting/automation tool like Auto-It that could potentially tell GoldMine to run Macro X every few minutes.  That way, you could have a dedicated monitor logged in as GoldMine User X displaying a dashboard that gets flip-flopped for a different one every now and then. 


              It would, of course, take up a GoldMine license, but I think it would be possible.