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    Sql question: how to search contact without email within a group

    dariobavicchi1 Apprentice

      I need to clean data from a contact group deleting from group the contacts without  email address.

      I tried to mix a couple of Sql examples at least to have a list of contcats without email address but, as i was sure, it does'nt work:


      Select contact1.accountno, company, contact, city, zip

      from contact1, contgrps as cg1, contgrps as cg2

      where cg2.userid=cg1.recid and contact1.accountno=cg2.accountno and

      cg1.userid='(public)' and


      and cg2.accountno not in (SELECT accountno from CONTSUPP where rectype = 'P' and contact = 'E-mail Address')


      Can someone help me on that?

      It would be perfect if i can also delete the contact from group because it seems not easy to do it inside Goldmine when you have to work with email address.


      Thanks for help