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    Where are outlook emails stored?


      Many years ago, we began to use GoldMine email for marketing purposes.  We stopped the practice (in 2008 or 2009) because we were having so many issues with mail not getting through spam filters (something with the header info in the GM mail).  We have in the last two years or so began requiring our sales reps to link emails (through the Outlook/GM integration) to the contact record in GM.


      Our Database Admin has concerns because the MAILBOX table is the largest in our GM database at 309,104KB and believes that its because of our Outlook/GM integration.


      All of the documentation that I can find shows that MAILBOX stores all GoldMine email (for us it would be all that old stuff).  Can someone please confirm that for me and also let me know where messages from Outlook that have been linked to a contact record are stored?


      We are using GMPE 2016.1.0.172


      Thanks in advance!

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          BJeffe Apprentice

          There is a misconception about the term 'linked'. The email messages from Outlook are actually replicated (copied) into the GoldMine Mailbox table so that's why that table is growing. Technically you have duplicates of all 'linked' messages except for the originals that have been deleted from Outlook.