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    How to avoid Mailbox Attach folder with file redundancy

    DMendl Rookie

      Hi, I'm trying to get a handle on attached items in emails. Say the same email is received by 3 people in the office. This email has a document attached so all 3 people get the attachment. This attachment is stored 3 times in the Mailbox\Attach folder for each person. This in turn is just blowing up the size of the Mailbox\Attach folder. Is there a way to keep the document linked to the email and contact without having the redundancy in the attach folder?

      This is my first post, so let me know if I'm missing anything.

      Thanks for the suggestions ahead of time.

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          paullaufer Apprentice

          I can't think of a way without having someone "manage" the document links after the fact. Taking the time to edit emails and the links tab to put the files in a common place. That sounds more expensive than a new giant hard drive for attachments.


          Or have everyone's email attachments go into the same folders... such as by removing the %username% component but still use the YYYY\MM part... but of course then you suffer from file name collisions between users and one person would need to decide if they should overwrite the next person's attachments.

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            Doug Castell Expert

            Hard drive space is dirt cheap. 

            Other than space concerns, are there any other issues cropping up?  If not, I would suggest not worrying about it. 

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              ADiaz Apprentice

              As this, for many people, is actually a feature/benefit GoldMine, there are two ways I have seen this addressed.  Here in our office we move important links to specific folders.  If someone moves the attachment first from \Mailbox\Attach to let's say Clients\2016\ABCcompany, then the next person who moves it, does an overwrite.    Then both e-mails link to the same file.


              Alternatively, a few of my customers have a policy where all cc'd users are encouraged to delete their copy of the message.  For them, not only does it keep the History clean, but if their settings are configured accordingly, when the message is removed from Trash, their copy of the attachment goes with it.


              Hope this helps.  

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