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    Office 2007 Distribution


      Hi All.... We have been very successful in distribution of Osted ffice 2007 via self-initiated installtion using the Software Distribution via the Software Distribution portal.  Unfortunately, when PUSHING it or delivering it via policy (or even a policy push - same difference), (whether current user or system) any Office products NEED TO BE CLOSED prior to distribution.  Pretty much common knowledge.  I have my distro methods tailored to reflect that, but no one reads it.  The end result is Mapi32 errors because an Office product was open during the upgrade. I have great experience in creating the MSP file and also tried several distro methods.  Please do not refer me to the suggested Office 2007 BKM because there is a lot more to it than that doc offers.  In my case, I prefer, and am required to run form source.  I have distro'ed this to 850 computers via self install via Software portal, but now is the time for the stragglers. If Office is open, I get X tickets in the AM to resolve mapi32 errors.  Trust me, I have it bold in the msg.  I am thinking of using the HTML or even the sysinternals processs killer.  Bit I's rather be more polite about it. Thoughts? RS

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          You could create a batch file or other script as a dependant package that sends pskill  or other task killer to close Office Applications.

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            WiseGuy Apprentice

            I would tackle this with a script that would check if the Office apps are running and then display a message asking the user to close them.  After a wait of a few minutes I would assume the install is happening at a time when the user is not present and would do a taskkill to terminate the apps and then start the install.

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              jdoe Apprentice

              I'm using an HTA application to prompt the user that all work needs to be saved and applications need to be closed.  Once they click an OK button, the vbscript will end any running Office processes and then start the installation.  Downside to this approach is that your interrupting the user and waiting for them to click "OK".


              If you can run the installation after hours, I would just use a script or batch file to drive the installation and kill running processes using taskkill as the others suggested, or use vbscript to end processes.

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