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    IMAP email retrieved multiple times.


      We leave our IMAP email on the server because we use iPhones to read and send email when on the road. WE have GoldMine set to auto-retrieve every 5 minutes, but not auto delete. Most of the time this works great.  However, several times a day an email will come in that is retrieved over and over again every 5 minutes along with all the other new email.


      As you can imagine, this can be a real pain. Our inbox fills up quickly and it takes some time in the morning to delete all the duplicate emails.


      We are using GoldMine 2016.1.0.161. This is happening with two separate IMAP emails, one is from GoDaddy and the other is from Time-Warner cable. The Time-Warner email is being retrieved on the server and the GoDaddy is being retrieved on the remote.


      I reported this to GoldMine support in March but apparently has still not been fixed.


      Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas?

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          DHunt Specialist

          I know that you've probably checked this, but make sure that "Skip Read E-mail" is selected for those UserID's.  If this is selected then the problem is probably with their provider and not with GoldMine.

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            If I check "Skip Read E-mail", the email won't be retrieved into GoldMine.


            I would also think it was a problem with the provider, but the problem is happening with two emails from different providers, GoDaddy and Time-Warner.

            Also, the email is being retrieved in two separate locations.

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              We had the same problem duplicate email problem with some of our corporate cellphone users.

              A lot of different things were looked at but the solution that our IT people came up with, that works all the time, was to create two Inboxes on our Mail Server for anyone with a corporate cellphone. One is used by GMPE and emails are deleted once downloaded to GMPE. The other Inbox keeps all the emails so they can be accessed by the cellphone email app.

              You might have to tweak your password rules to make this work for you.

              If there is another less hefty solution out there, would also appreciate hearing about it.

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                Jason.Karoub SupportEmployee

                Many customers use what Ron has suggested successfully.


                The root cause most of the time is that there is not a message ID in the email; this is how GoldMine determines if a message has been downloaded or not.  So in order for GoldMine to download the email it assigns emails with no message ID a message ID that is unique.  The result is then the email is downloaded multiple times.  Typically this is on bulk or spam type messages but not always.

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                  I was able to set up forwarding on my main email address to my iPhone and now have GoldMine auto-delete off the server.

                  The only problem with this solution is that when replying to an email, the forwarded email shows up in the From field.

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                    DSt-On Rookie

                    Check if your Provider uses Spam Assassin as it modifies the email on the server and GoldMine has issues with these emails. I would suggest to disable Spam Assassin on the email server if this is the case. Usually these emails have the current date with no subject and always have the current GMT time, not the time of the email. The icon on the left on the server is a square page  as opposed to an envelope.