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    Business card scanner - CardScan discontinued?!

    SGraff Rookie

      Well, folks, here I was, ready to start researching a solution/link I might create to use CardScan with GoldMine. T'was a time, right, when CardScan was the name in business card scanners. Sadly, I found out that CardScan is being discontinued by its current owner, Dymo. I will absolutely not be developing a solution for the CardScan product, given it's planned demise. However, I may still pursue a solution for the larger, continuing card scanning market.



      1. Is scanning business cards directly in to GoldMine actually all that important to you?
      2. Do you plan to buy a business card scanner any time soon?
      3. If so, what brand?
      4. If so, what's your budget?
      5. Do you still care about the proposed capability?
      6. Are you willing to delay your purchase 'til you know which brand(s) will be supported by my solution?