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    transfer Sync Profile


      We have a Sync Profile setup under one user, but need to have it set up under another user. Is there a way to simply clone the profile under the new user without having to set it up again?

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          Jason.Karoub SupportEmployee


          This is a great question; the answer is yes.  Many Administrators do not know about this function within GoldMine.  It is a very simple process.  I have copied this from the GMPE Admin Guide >> Synchronization >> About GoldSync >> Cloning Site Settings (applies to site members as well).

          One item that is not included is to please remember to set cutoff dates back or use 'ignore cut off'.


          Cloning Site Settings

          Cloning site setting to create site group members with the same or similar settings.

          1. In the GoldSync Administration Center, highlight the site you are using a baseline, right-click and select Clone.

          The New Site Group Member dialog box appears.

          2. Select or create the new undocked user to whom you are assigning the cloned settings.

          3. Click OK.

          The Welcome to the GoldSync Site Wizard dialog box opens. Wizard settings are based on the source site's

          configuration. Keep the defaults or make necessary changes using the Override options.

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            John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

            With reference to Jason's reply, recognize that this works for cloning SITE SETTINGS ONLY, and does NOT work for cloning One-Button Sync profiles.  In short, One-Button Sync profiles have to always be MANUALLY created.  For whatever reason, the developers have never provided an option for cloning a One-Button Sync profile. 


            Hope this feedback helps.

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