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    Associate GoldMine with Mailto: links

    rdifilip Rookie

      Using GoldMine Premium 2013.1.0.298 running on Windows Server 2012 R2.... I have been working at getting Goldmine to work as the default program to open Mailto: URL links. I have basically gotten to the point where Windows will offer GoldMine as an option to set for Mailto in Control Panel->Default Programs, but I cannot get it to open as an email. The reason is the shell open command I have linked to GoldMine.Url.Mailto is incomplete, I do not know the additional arguments to pass.


      For example, when Outlook opens Mailto, it opens with 'Outlook.exe -c IPM.note "%1"'


      I am looking for the equivalent arguments to pass to gmw.exe to have it open an email window.