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    How can you search for specific text within completed activities?

    Robert.Fiske Rookie

      Re: GMPE.  Does anyone know a way (eg. syntax for SQL query) that can search for specific text within Completed Activities (ie. 'History' tab) of a single Contact and/or multiple Contacts (defined by Field, Filter or Group criteria)?  It appears to me to be a major weakness of GM that the 'History' is not obviously searchable (one tends to keep contact histories for a reason - ie. that they are useful records to return to).  We have records with hundreds of Completed Activities and it is hugely laborious to have to search for something within when needed (normally entails flicking through each one until you find what you are looking for).  By way of comparison, Outlook does this brilliantly and very swiftly via simple search box.  The nearest I can get is an SQL query to search on specific text within the 'Reference' field - but this is far from ideal as what one is looking for may not be in the Reference field, and also I only appear to be able to do this on all Competed Activities of all Contacts.  Any help gratefully received.  Thank you.