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    Activity List Double Click Behavior


      For years, when one of our team was viewing their activity list, when they double clicked one of the entries (typically an email) the email would open.  For some unknown reason to me, in the past few days, that behavior has changed and now when they double click the activity, it takes them to the contact record first and then they have to find the activity to double click and open.  Very annoying !  Any ideas ?  GMPE 2016.1.0.188

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          TPorte Apprentice

          In the Activity List, if you right click and choose Options and then View is Sync Contact checked? 

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            TPorte Apprentice

            I tried changing this setting, but it made no difference.  Oh well.

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              Jason.Karoub SupportEmployee

              This information is available in Knowledge Article 21748 available at support.heatsoftware.com and logging in:

              1. Log out of GoldMine
              2. Navigate to Server GoldMine root directory
              3. Find desired username.ini file example GoldMine login ID is Todd the ini file will be called Todd.ini (or your username and the icon looks like a piece of paper with a gear on it).
              4. Double click to open it
              5. Find the entry that says: editwhendblclick=0
              6. Change this to read: editwhendblclick=1 (NOTE: you may have to create this entry if it doesn't exist. See A) below)
              7. Close the file and save when prompted.
              8. Have the user log back into GoldMine.




              A) If EditWhenDblClick= entry cannot be found please find the header section of [CalObj] and add the entry.

                1= GoldMine will open the object for editing

                0= GoldMine will open the contact

              B) This is a new functionality with GoldMine premium Edition, and not controlled by the user interface so must be configured manually via the user's ini file.

              C) This controls behavior in the Activity List and Calendar.


              NOTE: Please see KM article 11279 for changing this back to opening the contact record when double-clicking on an activity

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                Thank you for that response Jason but that doesn't accomplish what I'm trying to do.  With your solution, when you double click an activity line item, the activity opens for editing .. see below.


                What I really want to happen is when double clicking the line item in activity list, the following happens ..


                This happened always until about three days ago .. I'm stumped !

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                  BJeffe Apprentice

                  I know it's an extra click, but the work around for Messages is 'Right Click > Read'.

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                    alanh102 Rookie

                    I would suggest replacing their .ini file with an older backup of when it worked.


                    As a test, rename their .ini file and log back in with a fresh .ini file to see if it works now. I suspect their .ini file has issues.