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    Install Goldmine 7 on Windows 2008 R2

    netlib Rookie

      We have been running GM7 on Windows 2003 Server for many years. We rarely use it except once in a great while for some historical data. But now that server is kaput and I want to install GM7 on Windows 2008 R2 using our backup of the SQLGoldmine database.


      However, when I try to install GM7 on 2008 R2 I get a message that it cannot be installed on that OS. I have heard of an OS being too old for software, but not too new!


      Is there any trick to install GM7 on 2008 R2?

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          CDohme Apprentice

          Windows Server 2008 R2 is probably out of the compatibility window for Goldmine 7.  You have to keep Windows Server, SQL Server and Goldmine within the same compatibility window.  Goldmine has been quite generous in keeping wide compatibility with many generations of Microsoft products but sooner or later you'll have to upgrade.

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            netlib Rookie

            Thanks for the reply.  If we were still actively using it I would definitely upgrade. But we only use it once one twice a month for historical queries.

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              Doug Castell Expert

              It might be simplest, then, to create a virtual machine and house it in there. 


              There is a utility from Microsoft that can take the physical hard drive(s) of the current server and create virtual hard drive files out of them. 


              With those files, you can then create a virtual machine, boot it up and access it when need-be without having to maintain the hardware, long-term.

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                Hi Neil,


                You want to install it because you want to move GoldMine from an old server to the Wind 2008 server.

                Then you can copy the whole GoldMine folder.

                You will however also have to install a BDEAdmin function to make the connection MSSQL.
                Also make sure that the compatibility of the database you create/restore is set to the correct lvl (8)


                What is the reason why you're choosing not to upgrade to GoldMine Premium Edition?


                Hope this helps,



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                  3cubed Apprentice

                  GoldMine 7 doesn't use the BDE.  That was only with GoldMine 6.7 and earlier. 


                  GoldMine 7 supports SQL Server 2005, so you can actually use compatibility level 9.