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    Set Order For Entering Information

    act2gm Apprentice

      In adding a field to the top section, one of the instructions in the "Field Properties" - "Layout" tab:


      If there is a particular order for entering information, you may set the keyboard "tab" position to control the data entry workflow regardless of a field's onscreen placement.


      I looked in the help section, but didn't find anything.


      How is this done?

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          CDohme Apprentice



          You can set the field order when tabbing through field edits by opening the Screen Design option in the upper 1/2 of the contact record.  Right-click anywhere in that area and select "Screen Design".  This will put your record in a design mode.  Highlight on the first field in your designated order and double-click to view the Field Properties.  From there select the Layout tab and increment the Field Order position as you wish 0, 1 ,2  etc.  You'll have to check the value for each field and make sure you did not assign the same number to more than one field.  Once you exit the screen design mode (right-click Exit Screen Design) then test the results.



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            act2gm Apprentice

            Thank you for the response.  If I followed you correctly, one has to go in and out of the field properties for every field to set the order, or am I missing something?

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              Doug Castell Expert

              Nope, that's about the long and short of it.


              I've written SQL scripts to handle this for my own use.  I plug in the unique identifier for a given main (or fields tab) view and tweak the script for whether I want to to go row then column or column then row for the ordering, then let her rip! 


              Saves a bunch of time when rolling out screens for a customer who has hundreds of fields...

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                CDohme Apprentice



                That is correct.  You would have to edit the field properties on each field being displayed and set the order.  Doug has a deeper background that I and his automated tools I'm sure work quite well.