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    Does GoldMine have a yes/no field type

    act2gm Apprentice

      I remember when I moved from GM to Act in 2004 that I kept asking the Act community about GM features types.  Now I'm finding asking to see if some Act features are possible in GM.


      Does GM support check boxes?  They are called Yes/No fields in Act.

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          CDohme Apprentice

          There are no checkboxes.  We've used custom (3) character fields with Yes, No & N/A values as a substitute. The only available custom field types are character, numeric and date.  There's no logical field type value (True/False) unfortunately.

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            DHunt Specialist

            In my book on the GoldMine Site, I explain how to Emulate Radio Buttons.


            For check boxes I use a VarChar, 1 field on the screen that is surrounded by [   ].  Instead of the check mark I use [ X ] E-mail for instance.  The actual field holds the X while the rest are just graphics.


            I hope that this helps.

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