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    How To Find An Exisiting Field

    act2gm Apprentice

      One of the fields that will be used in the database I'm creating is Annual Revenue. 


      So, I started to create a user field called, "UREVENUE".  However the system said the field already exists.


      Using Tools | Configure | Record Types | All Fields ...

      I was not able to find the field UREVENUE.  I then did an export to excel so I could do a search without success.


      Would this be a system field or a hidden field?  Regardless, how do I find it and how it is currently being used?



      New to GM2016

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          BJeffe Apprentice


          A rebuild of the database must be done before the field is live in the Contact2 database.

          All other users must be logged out of GoldMine and you should have a backup before creating custom fields and rebuilding the database.


          This would not be a system field - it would be a custom field.

          Check under Tools > Configure > Custom Fields - this shows a list of all custom fields but not where they are used.

          If your field is listed here, go to Screen Design on the screen where you want the new field, right click and select New Field then click the drop down to see the list of fields. Your field should be in this list, select it and click Ok. Place the field where you want it and click on it to address the Properties as desired. Click Ok and Rebuild.

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            DHunt Specialist

            First off, I'm going to assume that when you looked for uRevenue that you looked in the Contact2 Tables so you may want to look at the Contact2 Table via SQL Management Studio.


            Next, if it is there, it may not have been placed on the Screen yet, but to be sure you'll want to look in the ContUDef Table to see if it is already on the Screen.

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              act2gm Apprentice

              A couple of learning questions from DJ's response:


              1.  When wanting to look in the Contact2 Tables via SQL Management Studio, where would I look to see how to do that?


              2.  Is there a primer on Contact tables?


              3.  If the field is in the Contact2 table, can it be placed in the top section of a contact?

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                To get all the fields that exist in CONTACT2 table you can run the next query


                select sys.tables.name,sys.syscolumns.name,sys.syscolumns.length,sys.syscolumns.xusertype  from sys.syscolumns inner join sys.tables on syscolumns.id=sys.tables.object_id

                where sys.tables.name='CONTACT2'


                It can be run in GM Query window also.


                If you want to see if the field was already created in contudef or or fields5 run the next queries


                select FIELD_NAME from CONTUDEF where DBFNAME='CONTACT2'

                select FLDNAME from FIELDS5 where FLDNAME<>''


                If the field is in the Contact2 table yo can insert it to the top section of a contact

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                  act2gm Apprentice

                  First, thanks Shaul for the post.


                  It is very clear that I need help in running query.


                  Where can I go to learn about creating a query?  Is that a GM question or a SQL question?


                  I have more questions, but I also don't want to boil the ocean at one time.

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                    It's sql question. But you shold also need to know how GM stores the data and the structure of GM tables.

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                      act2gm Apprentice

                      Good morning Shaul, and thank you for your reply.


                      While I believe I have a good understanding of the concepts of CRM, the benefits to sales and an organization, I am struggling with the Sql portion of GM as well as the structure of GM tables.


                      I've been looking for a primer on both and have found the administrative and user's manuals.  So far I haven't found basic instruction on Sql and GM Tables - or maybe I haven't looked in the right places.  The manual written by DJ has been a help, and have buried myself in chapter 8. My lack of Sql understanding is making this a little difficult, but each day it gets a little easier.  I do have a good friend who uses Sql in his datacenter, but he is unaware of my pending attack for basic understanding. 


                      I keep reinforcing the need for very basic understanding because I'm sure there are others who may know concepts but not Sql basics.  And like me may not have the budget to hire a consultant.


                      My suggestion to Ivanti is to consider adding a fundamentals training video to the training center.


                      I did find a training class called GoldMine Administration Technology Primer but it doesn't seem to be scheduled nor is there a recorded Webex.


                      Again, thanks Shaul and DJ for your response.



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                        There are some websites with many examples of queries you can run on GM database.

                        But to learn exactly SQL queries is not and shouldn't be GM concern.


                        You can start understand SQL queries from SQL Introduction

                        From GM window you can run only select Queries so every query should start with select and every query should have from table name

                        you will see tat without these 3 words the query button will be grey but if you will type select * from B it will be enabled though there is no table called B.


                        In Useful GoldMine SQL Queries - The GoldMine Wiki  you can find examples of queries that can be run on GM database.


                        look also in GoldMine Blog: GoldMine Tip: A guide to using SQL Queries in GoldMine



                        I am sure there are lots more Just google and you will find them

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                          Doug Castell Expert

                          You might be interested in a document I wrote nearly 20 years ago when I worked at GoldMine tech support:



                          They may have a more current version, check the heat support knowledgebase. 

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                            Sorry Doug. I knew you have something but couldn't find it fast.

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                              act2gm Apprentice

                              Thanks Doug and Shaul.  I appreciate your help and hopefully these basic questions will morph into more intelligent ones.


                              Doug, the Factsback will be a big help.  Is there a library of Factsbacks available to the community?

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                                Doug Castell Expert

                                There used to be, I'm not sure if they still maintain them.  Most were written in the 1990s and are less relevant to the current version of GoldMine.


                                Given the age of the document(s) in question, I haven't created any sort of web interface/index of them, but you can adjust the URL I posted to show document 998 and you can see what others are available at the same address.