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    goldmine plus

    LAnn Rookie

      I am trying to use a list of contacts to import into Goldmine. I did some googling and see their is some type of addon called Goldmine Plus? Anyone have details, used it, how do we get it?


      Thanks for any input.

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          The Goldmine Plus add-in is an option on the Windows client-side install.  There are options for linking to Word, Excel & Outlook.  I've used the Word link extensively for many years.  I would review the Compatibility Matrix supplied by Goldmine to make sure that the version of MS Office is compatible with your release of Goldmine.  After the add-in is installed you will see additional options in the Word/Excel main menus that allow you to select Goldmine fields from Contact1 & Contact2 tables.  After your word template is built you can use the Document Templates area of Goldmine to perform a mail merge on one or more records.



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            LAnn Rookie

            THANKS CHRIS!



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              I added a bit more to my reply see above.