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    Goldmine lookup.ini file no longer functioning

    JShelt Rookie

      After a recent upgrade to Goldmine 2017.1 our lookup.ini file is no longer functioning. Below is what it contains. Can anyone shed some light on what may have changed, or what we would need to change in order to get this file functioning properly again?






          NewRecord = Source,UFIRSTNAME

          Contact = LastName, UFIRSTNAME



          Lookup1 = &UserName


          BOB = Bob

          ANDRE = Andre

          DOUG = Doug

          ELLEN = Ellen

          JOHNH = JohnH

          JOHNM = JohnM

          ROLAND = Roland

          TINA = None

          DANIEL = Daniel

          Otherwise =


          Overwrite = 1




          Otherwise=&trim(substr(contact1->contact, 1, at(” “, contact1->contact)))











      Lookup1 = iif([,] $ Contact, [A], [Z])

      Lookup2 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == [JR] .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == [JR.]), [B], [Z])

      Lookup3 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == [SR] .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == [SR.]), [B], [Z])

      Lookup4 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == [II] .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == [III]), [B], [Z])

      Lookup5 = iif((upper(trim(LastName)) == [ESQ] .or. upper(trim(LastName)) == [ESQ.]), [B], [Z])

      A = &alltrim(substr(Contact1->Contact, rat([ ], substr(Contact1->Contact, 1, rat([,], trim(Contact1-

      >Contact))-1))+1, rat([,], trim(Contact1->Contact)) - rat([ ], substr(Contact1->Contact, 1, rat([,],


      B = &alltrim(substr(Contact1->Contact, rat([ ], substr(Contact1->Contact, 1, rat([ ], trim(Contact1-

      >Contact))-1))+1, rat([ ], trim(Contact1->Contact)) - rat([ ], substr(Contact1->Contact, 1, rat([ ],


      Otherwise = &LastName

      Overwrite = 1

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          DHunt Specialist

          There were no changes that affected the Lookup.ini, at least not your Lookup.ini.  I'd have to guess that you don't have your Lookup.ini in the correct folder.  Is it possible that you installed GoldMine 2017.1.x into a New Folder instead of Upgrading the Existing GoldMine installation?


          Either way, try removing anything in the GoldMine Root folder that says LOOKUP. except for your Lookup.ini.  It may be as simple as that.


          Failing that Restore a Backup of your working Lookup.ini.


          Failing that Call in a Professional.  Another pair of eyes looking at your installation my reveal thing that you just weren't seeing.