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    Dashboard Error

    arm721 Rookie

      While trying to access the built-in Dashboards with Goldmine 2015.2 we receive a "data source failed" and then the dashboard doesn't appear.


      Has anyone else experienced this when trying use the dashboards

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          JErste Specialist

          This is likely due to there being an issue with the data.  Most likely there is a string value in a field for which the query is expecting a number.  So, when it attempts to convert that field value to a number type, it errors out.


          Since you cannot edit the built-in dashboards, what I do in these situations is clone the dashboard.  When cloning the dashboard, I make sure to clone the data source as well.  Then you can view the underlying query and data type conversions.  Once you determine where the failure is, you can begin to correct it in your database.

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            michaela.witters SupportEmployee



            the screen shows only very generic error messages but the Windows Event log (Start >> eventvwr) shows usually several GoldMine errors and one of them should contain much more information which then indicates either a data problem or a configuration problem of MS SQL .


            I hope this helps.