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    Keyboard Commands

    act2gm Apprentice

      I've been looking for a list of keyboard commands, as my history is one of a keyboard user instead of a mouse user.


      I did find reference to Keyboard Shortcuts, but it appears to only allow movement within GM sections.


      Is there a list of standard commands, Like Ctrl-L, N might equal lookup name (or contact).  Or is there a way to create keyboard commands other than Keyboard Shortcuts?

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          Mark.Bennett1 Rookie

          On the Goldmine menu bar at the top of the window, click Help.

          Then Goldmine Help

          Then User Guide

          Then Getting Started

          Then Menu Command Shortcut Keys

          There are several lists of shortcut keys, depending on context

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            DHunt Specialist

            Hi Mark,


            Is there any way to change or remove a Keyboard Shortcut?  A friend asked, and I couldn't think of any way to do either.

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              Mark.Bennett1 Rookie

              I don't know of a way for sure.  I think I'd contact GM support and ask them.  You could consider using a product such as Perfect Keyboard but you run the risk of causing problems in other applications.


              There's also a section in the Administrator's guide to creating macros (in User Administration  > Goldmine Macros).

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                jezziebones Rookie

                Hi Mark, I have a somewhat related question. I am doing some cleanup work in a very large Goldmine database. I am using multiple search options to correct/change entries. After that I am double-checking some records to make sure that I have done it correctly and thoroughly. To do that I do a search, for example, by company name "begins with", and if the project name "is not empty". I may get up to a hundred records that I only need to glance at to make sure they are correct. To do this I have to go back to the search screen to get to the next record. I would like to be able to use some sort of keyboard command or arrow to just view the records one after another. Is there such a thing? It would save me a lot of time.


                Thank you



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                  JJGearhart Apprentice

                  If you right-click in the search center window and choose tag all, you can then go through by pushing page down on your keyboard.

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                    jezziebones Rookie

                    Thank you, Jon.


                    I am using Microsoft remote desktop because I am using a Mac. Would you know how to do this with a Mac?



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                      JJGearhart Apprentice

                      You should still be able to right-click and tag all. Leave the search center open and click back to the contact tab in Goldmine at the top right it should show you the number of records 1 of say 500. You should be able to just right-click the right arrow next to this and it will advance through the records one at a time. Right-clicking the arrow will take you back to the previous record in the tagged records.

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                        jezziebones Rookie

                        Thank you, Jon.


                        I’ll give it a try.