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    Importing Data From ACT 2017 - Use Tab Delimited For Export

    act2gm Apprentice

      In my free time, I've been working on re-learning GM and migrating data from ACT 2017.


      Recommendations were welcomed to use a CSV file before converting it to DBF.  A lot o records just didn't line up correctly in the spreadsheet, until I realized that if a field had an imbedded comma the data would be aligned under the wrong columns.  For example, in one record I have a title of "Sales - GA, AL, FL, MS"  These commas caused the data to be misaligned.


      I tried tab delimited and the raw TXT file seems to have lined up correctly.  I then save the file as Excel 97-2003 before running through an XLS to DBF program (Thanks DJ)


      Just passing this along for situations when data just line up.