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    Outlook Integration

    act2gm Apprentice

      Hello community - back for some more help.


      I've successfully imported 9,000 contacts.  Just beginning to go through them looking for problems, but those I've looked up seem pretty good.  Of course, there is not history.


      Tonight I tried to link to Outlook.  Let me describe my environment:

      Running Office 365

      Outlook 2016

      Exchange 2015, I think.


      I see the Outlook icon on the eMail tab, but nothing happens.  In watching the video, it says to start off by installing Gismo.  I've searched and searched and can't find that program.


      Many thanks in advance for your help.


      John Purdy

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          CDohme Apprentice

          During the full GMPE windows client install you have the option of adding Outlook integration through the Goldmine Plus add-in.  Once installed I believe that you are given more GUI options in Outlook related to Goldmine.  We only use the Word integration so others on here will have to help you after this step.