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    Free add-on for social links (updated)

    canonbury Rookie

      A customer recently asked if it was possible to link social media web addresses to additional contacts and so we wrote a quick utility to do that very thing.




      • You can use it for social media links, or for any other websites that relate to particular contacts. Each site can be marked as being Personal or Company.


      • It will only recognise website links that it itself has created, but those links may also be called from GoldMine in the usual way.


      • It floats over other windows and minimises to the system tray.


      • GoldMine must be running when you start it.


      • It automatically updates to the currently selected  primary or additional contact; to show the  primary contact just make sure that no additional contact is selected by moving off the additional contacts tab.


      • A list of common social media sites is included in the 'Description' field but you're not limited to these - you can just type your own description.


      We hope it will prove useful!


      Many thanks to Joe Erste (see below) for helping me track down a particularly elusive bug.