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    Creating a Custom Monthly Report

    valdez.t Rookie

      My supervisor would like to track every call, message, and email for each month using the codes we've created. Our goal is to track the types of support we provided during the previous month to develop an idea of where improvements are needed and any trends in our services provided.


      When I select the option of reports within GM Premium:

      1. I do not see a monthly report meeting my supervisor's criteria.

      2. I created a monthly report by right clicking the Service Report (hopefully this is for services provided) and selecting New, but it still doesn't bring up any data when selected.


      I am in need of some step by step procedures to create a monthly report that includes the contact, the activity, the user, the code used for each form of communication, the dates, the reference, and the result.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.

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          maxtyack Apprentice



          You may want to have a look at GoldMine's built-in Dashboards. In this case, the stock Dashboards based on user activity will get you closest to what you are looking for, specifically Dashboards->Management->Activity (Summary) Dashboard.  Although they do not pull email activity. Getting the kind of report you describe using GoldMine's traditional Reports module would be challenging for even an experienced GoldMine report developer. The "Service" reports you are referring to pull from the Case Management/Service Center area of GoldMine, not from regular completed activities.


          I would suggest seeing if the stock  Dashboards are suitable for your needs first. If they are not, then look into either customizing a dashboard or a 3rd party reporting software that works with GoldMine. Or maybe have someone write a SQL query for you that you can run every month to get a list of completed activities.

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            valdez.t Rookie

            Thank you Max for your help. I followed your instructions for the Activity Summary Dashboard and was able to view the call in by user. The dashboard only allows me to search by year instead of by month. How can I (or do I) run an SQL query? in GM?


            Thanks again for any assistance you can provide.

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              maxtyack Apprentice

              The dashboard breaks out the activity by month in both the chart and the user/month grid below. Click month bar/section on the chart for monthly details drill-down.


              SQL Queries area in GoldMine can be found under Tools->SQL Query... You can start with the "Build..." button there to get a feel for how SQL queries work and what they can do. When you are ready for editing those queries, or creating your own, do some Google searching for "GoldMine SQL Queries" and you'll find some resources online. Good luck!

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                valdez.t Rookie

                The SQL Query worked great. Had to manipulate it a bit in excel, but it works. Thank you.

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                  RMacha Apprentice

                  Max gave you a good short-term solution for this one episode.  MasterMine for GoldMine is a good long-term solution to this and all information management needs in GoldMine -- and it exploits the Excel environment you're already happy in.


                  Please see what you're missing here:  www.mastermine.net

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                    CDohme Apprentice

                    You can also use Microsoft Reporting Services (free) which is included with SQL.  MSRS is very similar to Crystal Reports.  Depending on how long you've had Goldmine you may have Crystal Reports for Goldmine as well as the runtime module so that other users can run Crystal reports that you create directly from within the Goldmine UI.


                    The internal report writer in Goldmine is difficult and awkward modify existing "canned" templates.

                    Your reporting objective is very easy once you've decided on a reporting platform.

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                      RMacha Apprentice

                      I should have been more specific.  MasterMine for GoldMine is an end-user oriented report generator and data management toolset built around GoldMine.  The reports are just the start, but they come FAR more quickly and easily than the best expert could do with MSRS or Crystal Reports, and even finished reports are infinitely variable under the user's control, while MSRS reports will only do one thing and then you need a programmer again for changes.  Do yourself a favor and get MasterMine early-on with GoldMine and learn how to use it.  It will save you far more than it costs.


                      In addition to just displaying data in reports, MasterMine also links back to GoldMine, so you can pop records, make GoldMine groups on the fly, and even mass-update and customize data to match the unique way you customize your fields and use subrecords (History, Pending, Opportunities, etc.).  All this is done in an Excel environment. MasterMine really completes the GoldMine package if you're serious about succeeding with GoldMine.

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                        CDohme Apprentice

                        I've used all of these solutions during my 22 years of using Goldmine and I'll stand by my statements.  I'm not selling anything.