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    Can I report on a folder


      Is there any way to report in the inventory db that a folder is present?

      (i.e. c:\DepartmentSW)


      I am using the ldappl to report on a specific ini file, I did not know if there was similar options.  I need to report on the folder, not an executable within the folder.


      Reporting on folder and permissions would be awesome, but not necessary.


      Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.

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          Initially I was able to add a line in my SWD that adds a entry in the registry.

          I modified my appl.template to search that registry.I can now see which machines have that registry file.


          Is there a way in the package builder to perform an if command for folders?

          Something like:


          If folder c:\DepartmentSW\         <exists>

               add to registry stuff


          end if


          All I have seen is for files.

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            egarlepp Employee

            Custom Vulnerability woudl be the way to go.  Basically you would use the detection mechanism in the CusVul to look for it, using VBS and when it finds it write something into the systems registry/file/etc...  Or you can look for a file that you know is only in that folder and then do your magic to the registry.